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Racquet Stringing

Performance Racquetball offers professional stringing service for your racquetball racquets.

Most string jobs will last a month to six-months depending on play style, sometimes flaws in the string, broken bumpers or burs on the frame can prematurely break the string.

We offer complete stinging options including complete typical mono-filament stringing from $15 to $20 while complete hi-end multi-filament stringing costs $25 or bring your own string and we will install it for $12.  We can also add a new bumper, grip, tether or dampener as needed for an addition cost.

Common questions concerning string tension:
1. Looser string will provide more power (28lbs-32lbs)
2. Tighter string will provide better control (36lbs-40lbs)
3. Every gauge of string higher (thinner) requires 2lbs more for the same feel
      - If you traditionally string 17g at 34lbs, an 18g string will require 36lbs
4. If you still have concerns on the string, contact us and we'll provide you the best solution ​